Security of the information

  1. Due to our Software Consultancy Activities (from installation and configuration of products purchased by the client to consultancy, auditing, software design and development, additional product developments for the “customisation” of the tools, among others), at B2B SOLUTIONS we understand that information is a highly valuable asset for both our organisation and our clients. For this reason, proper protection and management is required in order to ensure continuity for our business line and minimize potential damage due to breaches with respect to the integrity, availability
    and confidentiality of information.

    In order to do this, B2B SOLUTIONS makes the following commitments:

    • B2B SOLUTIONS’ ongoing efforts in the area of Information Security Management shall be demonstrated through training and awareness programmes that promote participatory management in these areas, enabling staff skills to be used for the continuous improvement of the production process.
    • In order to ensure that its activities are carried out in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations, the law shall be complied with, as well as other requirements agreed with clients, including those concerning Information
    • To meet the requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Information Security Management System, by implementing systems to measure and monitor solutions and developments carried out for our clients, as well as Information Security objectives.
    • To ensure business continuity by developing continuity plans in accordance with recognized methodologies.
    • To conduct and periodically review a risk analysis based on recognized methodologies that allow us to establish the level of information security and minimize risks by developing specific policies, technical solutions and contractual agreements with specialist organizations.
    • B2B SOLUTIONS staff will carry out their work aiming to achieve the objectives specified and in accordance with legal requirements at all times.

    This policy will be reviewed at least once a year.

           Management Team